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Install and Setup Rundeck on Ubuntu

Requirements: Ubuntu, Java

Root user in Docker Container

I have been playing around with Docker for a while. I use Docker for all of my Rails development and deployment tasks. So, every once in a while I encounter a situation where I have to enter the root user mode in the Docker container.

Searching in Rails with Solr, Sunspot and Docker

Over the past few months, I have been working on a project titled Goodwill Currency for the Web Science Lab @ IIIT-B. It is a Ruby on Rails based portal with a VueJS frontend.

The Internet is creating Net-States

The Web and Internet are two of the most significant technologies that are currently shaping our world. The increased Internet penetration and cheap access has spawned a whole lot of very popular web based services: search and advertising services like those offered by Google, social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram; video stores like YouTube and others. These phenomena raises the question of: Are these Web Giants a different kind of nation-state themselves? Is the Internet helping shape Net-States? To answer these questions, we use the theory of sociomateriality.

Multiple Associations Between 2 models in Rails

I have been working on a project as a part of Web Science Lab @ IIIT-B which is essentially an online marketplace of content. I am building this marketplace using Ruby on Rails 5 for backend and VueJS for a rich frontend.