Gaurav Koley Internet Lurker, Poet, Creator of Gratia, Actively and Pdfvuer

My Introduction

Hi! My name is Gaurav Koley and I’m the writer of, well, all that you currently see on your screen (Provided this page is the only thing that is on your screen). So here I am about to tell you a brief and a not so brief story of my doings.

As you already know that my name is Gaurav Koley, I might a well move on to other things. I was born in a small town Chinsurah, near Kolkata, India on 18 October 1996. I’m 15 year old and full of ideas of what I’m about to do for the next 60 years of my life, although I think less than half of those ideas will ever come into existence.

My first such idea was to build up a tech blog: liveByte (Catchy name! Don’t you think?). That started about 2 years ago, it was a trend then and I was one the latecomers to the drift. Things went about smoothly, somewhat. I started the blog on and was kicked out of there for Image Copyright violation. Turned out I had to attribute others for using their images but I didn’t. SO I turned to Posterous. Downright awesome platform, easy, simple and well great for me. So liveByte turned out to be success, for sometime, on Posterous, until I guess it lost momentum. I had thousands of viewers (thats a lot for someone who has just started out) and after a few months none.

For me that didn’t go down well and I dropped blogging. Tried hands at other things and then my friend and I had a brainwave of a website where, um, students can get together, share notes, discuss, something like that. And so I got busy with my conquest of creating NXT Class, working with Wordpress, Drupal and all kinds of CMS, actually any kind of CMS, until I decided to stick with WordPress, add in a few touches of my own, break it a bit here and there and, viola, I had created my own CMS NXTClass. But as fate would have it (I don’t actually believe in fate but that doesn’t stop me from using it to glorify what I write) I soon got bored with it too. I still devote much of my time to NXTClass but something it doesn’t give that exhilaration. As a remedy to this, a friend of mine gave me the advice to start writing again and so here I am!

Now the thing that comes to my mind is what this blog will be about; and the answer is nothing and everything. I tried enclosing myself in boundries about what I write about: didn’t work. So all those who are expecting me to again stick to a topic to write about; don’t because the probability of that would be less than that of finding aliens in your backyard. And thats all I have to say here.

See you soon.


(What? Were you expecting anything else? Don’t)