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GoodBye Octopress and hello

Me: I’ve finally decided to let go of Octopress.

You: Why?

Me: Because its too complex for my needs.

You: Oh Come on! That can’t be the reason. If Octopress is so complex, why are others using it? And anyways, you have not written that much that you can decide whether Octopress is easy or complex.

Me: Alright, that is not the reason. The reason is

I’m in love with

Yup, thats right. is just super awesome. Never in my life have I seen anything better to use with a Baked Blog (on Github, mind you.) It’s easy to use, works with Jekyll and is, well what more can I say, just great. No longer do I have to rush home to hatch my evil schemes on this blog. I can document my plans whenever I get them, wherever I am.

Another good thing about, actually its the same thing in a different way, is that I can always edit my posts on the go.

Prose understands what I need. Click “New file” and a Markdown file, complete with the required naming techniques and metadata gets created. After that, just start writing. Even this post is being written in Prose.

To do the same thing in Octopress, I would have had to run

rake new_post["Hello Prose"]

then a post would be created somewhere among the dark corners of Octopress’s folders, some of which Ubuntu doesn’t even show by default. Then I would have to open up a text-editor, a bad one (Nice one’s are hard to come by in Ubuntu), and then start writing. That adds, what, 2 more steps than what I actually need and that will amount to lot of wasted time in the long run. (Just joking here. I have lots and lots of free time. :D )

Also, I can always edit my theme files on the move in Prose, whereas, its a big, really big, pain in the ass to do so in Octopress. This even reflects in the number of themes available for Octopress. What’s the figure? Hmm, 15, while there are more that hundreds of Octpress users listed. Unlisted the figure might go upto a thousand.

So, to sum it all, Octopress is a mighty old crick in the neck for those who just want a simple baked blog, one that they can post to from anywhere. So, adios Octopress and hello Sani. (What’s Sani, you might ask. Stay Tuned to Know.)