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January 27 2015

26th January.

The Republic day of India. And the day which evokes the patriotism of a lot of people across the country.

Different kinds of patriotism. There are those who shout out “Happy Republic Day” on all social networks and post pictures of themselves with a plastic national flag, one that will be on the ground at the day comes to an end. Then there are those who call out the former as “fake patriots” because their patriotism ignites only on the days of Public Holidays and subsides the next day. But then these are the people who indulge in armchair politics and candlelight marches and in the end proclaim that this country is done for. Ask them what they have done to make their nation worth living for and you will hear them say that their efforts never made a mark. I say if their efforts were futile, they didn’t try hard enough.

The real patriot is the one who’s patriotism is reflected in what he does all round the year not just one day. A real patriot is the one who works tirelessly throughout his life with true belief in that all that his country, his nation signifies. His passion for the country is not in armchair politics or in candle light marches. His patriotism is in the day’s work that gives him the satisfaction that his work affects the nation at large and in a positive way. You don’t have the right to run along proclaiming that this country is done for if you have done nothing in your life to make a difference to this country, to make this independence count.

The Constitution of India gave us a set of 5 Fundamental Rights, that we exercise with much gusto, but with it, also gave us a set of Fundamental Duties which each citizen of this country is expected to fulfill. Google “Fundamental Duties of an Indian Citizen” and you will receive a list of duties that you are supposed to perform. Ask yourself this, how many of these have you fulfilled partially, let alone completely.

So as the day next to the Republic Day begins, bring about a small change in yourself.

Throw that scrap of paper, lying on the road, into a proper dustbin.

Think again before defacing any public monument with hearts and cupid arrows.

Complain to the authorities if you see child labor around you. If possible, get that kid freed and make sure he gets proper education.

Make in India what you would have otherwise brought from abroad.

Instead of turning a blind eye, go help that girl who’s being harassed.

Say no Bribes.

Say yes to Sanitation and Cleanliness.

This year, be the change you want in this country. Only then will this country change.