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May 16 2014

7 p.m.

I was outside my home, on the patio, with a friend discussing the results on the Indian General Elections 2014.

An Ice-Creamwala, with his cart - he sells his wares on the corner of the street - called me up and asked: “भईया इलेक्शन का क्या नतीजा आया?” What do the Election results say?

I told him. BJP has itself secured a majority and with its allies, is 330+ strong. No more coalition Governments. Modi has won. Congress has performed the worst ever with its 50 and AAP has just 4.

“तो बाकी सब?” The rest?

Divided in regional parties, I told him.

He smiled. There was a sparkle in his eyes. Hope, perhaps.

He walked away with his cart and I could only smile as I felt around me the change in the atmosphere all around me. People smiling, infused with hope for a better regime.

This change was palpable right from the beginning of the day. For the first time in my entire life had I switched on the Television to watch the news and that too right after waking up.

This was probably the only time after India’s independence that the youth was more interested in May 16 than February 14. Gone are the days when youth and middle classes didn’t take interest in the Elections. India is changing. The youth is changing. हवा बदली है। अब देश बदलेगा।

Maybe for real, Acche din aane wale hai.