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First Logo

Yesterday (13 September 2013), I got the oppertunity to be asked by Navdeep Singh Rana, the owner and admin of, to design a logo for IndiaExam.

I have made a few logos here but almost all them were either for my personal projects or just for fun. This one was a serious one. For the first time, my work was to be used by a large entity and is to be viewed and appreciated by a lacs of people.

The logo, as Navdeep puts it:

“[The logo] symbolises that if one road is closed for you, take the other one. One road connects to the other. But whatever you do, never stop moving forward. Everything happens for a reason. You need to keep your mind and eyes open to see it.”

But I see it as simply an abstract entity, an extension of our infinite thought process that ultimately derives itself from somewhere else but morphs into a part of our soul.