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That Day

I dread that day, the day my steps falter
The day my speech slurs, the day my words stutter.

I dread the day my life will flash before my eyes
The day my arms search for my last vice.

I dread the day, my mind will come to a rest
An eternal peace spreading though my veins like a disease.

I dread the day when my heart shall stop beating
The day, henceforth which, I shall stop feeling.

I dread that day, the day, death will claim me
All my memories, my precious memories, my loved ones
My toys and treasures, all will be lost to me.

But yet, I await its arrival, the day I embrace death
The day I become a part of eternal divinity
The day I see That light, Its radiance brighter than a thousand suns,
That will remind me of the brilliance of the Universe.
That day when I’ll be free.