Gaurav Koley Internet Lurker, Poet, Creator of Gratia, Actively and Pdfvuer


And so the sky above this land,
Bursts upon its beloved,
Displaying its mighty splendour,
Showers love on its beloved land,
And quenches the thirst of its belovd’s dewllers,
Awarding them the long awaited rains.

The people rejoice,
While the heaveans, pour their hearts out,
Blessing these children of God,
With the gifts of Venus.

And though the rains are showers of blessings from heaven,
Before long, they transform,
Become the Showers of Hell,
Bent on destruction of its path,
Sweet nectar then, Now become Death,
The dweller must fear, yet is at peace,
No longer caring for life or property,
Awaits the return of his beloved,
Pleasured by the beauty of rain, awed of its might,
He is oblivious of hell around him.

He spots his beloved, bloody, battered and on the edge,
Devastated to the core, his beloved is no more,
Demands a boon from the skies, and so is given,
Captivated at end of life, by the forces of nature,
The dweller is destroyed, Yet is content,
For he will meet his beloved in the heaven.