Gaurav Koley Internet Lurker, Poet, Creator of Gratia, Actively and Pdfvuer


Long ago i made a promise to thee,
Promise- that i broke again tonight.

Consumed by anger then, I sinned,
I confess, I broke thy heart tonight.

The guilt of my sin now consumes me,
Punish me Goddess, I’m thy sinner tonight.

Ignorant of thy pain, thy torment, Goddess,
I committed several sins tonight.

I do not deserve thy forgiveness, yet I beg, forgive,
Renew thy faith in this sinner tonight.

Percieved a god, then arrogant, humbled now,
The sinner cries his heart tonight.

Weeping over his mistakes,
A broken soul tonight.

Forgive thy culprit- Gaurav, O Goddess,
I’m no god, I’m a mere mortal tonight!