Gaurav Koley Internet Lurker, Poet, Creator of Gratia, Actively and Pdfvuer


Slow down, look around,
What do you see?
Take a pause from your rat race
And try appreciate Life’s bounty.
Breathe in the fresh air, Life is pretty easy
If u take it that way; you will never regret another day
The day you realize: Life is about
The small things, Not the success that u crave
The little joys that we steal from time, from Life,
Thats what makes our lives worthwhile.

Its not the beginning or the end,
But what lies in between, Not the destination
Its the Journey to enjoy. From birth
Till Death do us apart from our existence
Live life to its fullest, As every day is your last.
Relive your life as you travel in time
Make peace with your battles,
Meet friends you’ll never see,
Reminisce old memories.
Help around those in need,
You will find your life satisfying indeed.

Relish every moment of your Life,
Its the last thing you have,
‘Cause memories are all you take,
When you walk down the dark tunnel,
With the bright light at its end,
The tunnel that takes you,
On your way to the infinite.