Gaurav Koley Internet Lurker, Poet, Creator of Gratia, Actively and Pdfvuer

Cacophony of Silence

I walk these streets,
These neighbourhoods i belong,
I never realised their beauty,
Though given chances aplenty,
And now I roam,
The paths I ran,
The songs I sang,
All seem dear to me,
And I’m losing it all,
Coz I’m moving this fall,
To a far far land,
Where I’ll long for mother’s hand.
And now that I finally belong here,
I must go elsewhere,
To conquer new lands, new dreams,
I must give up my home, my ream.

I walk these hurried street,
With a grace i never knew,
I breathe in every smell my city has to offer,
Every erstwhile nuisance, now seems a gift,
A sign of the native, a mark of my city.
And now i stop and wonder,
Is this the place i cursed with thunder?
In these final moments,
I look around lovingly,
And remember all those memories,
Of the years I spent here.

Grief and longing overwhelm me,
And I must stop my reviere
Or I’ll never go yonder.
And tomorrow I go, never to return,
In flesh I might, but never in spirit,
And on this last night,
This city speaks to me,
To me she says,
“A new life awaits you,
Adieu, farewell.”