Gaurav Koley Internet Lurker, Poet, Creator of Gratia, Actively and Pdfvuer


Five years to the day,
History repeats itself.
But the tables have turned,
Shame has turned to fame.

I weep, weep the tears
Left unshed for years,
Tears that make me what I am,
Tears made me do what I can.

And I lie, weeping
Tears streaming, Screaming
As i remember the day,
The world turned on us.

The world was unkind to you,
Turned you an outcast,
You made your return,
As did Monte Cristo turn.

Yet somewhere in the depths
Of my heart, A fire burned
A fire waiting for its moment,
Waiting for its time.
Waiting to purge who cast you.

Five years to the day,
The fire raged within, and today
I avenged thee, sister
I am thy Avenger.